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Sea Symbols ~ Janarric Runes Spell Casting and Insight Cards, are insightful and inspirational deck of 36 amazing oracle and insight cards featuring the ancient symbols of Janarric Runes. The fluidity and flow of these cards allows youSea Spirit Magick Sigil copy to stay in the shallows of discovery or dive deep into the vast ocean of personal insights.

The Sea Symbols deck is an amazing tool firstly for its ease and simplicity; the cards are easy to understand and so simple to connect with that they are great for those just starting out with oracle decks.

In conjunction with the ease and simplicity of Sea Symbols, they have another level, a deeper level to dive into and discover, an amazing and insightful soul level which allows even the most advanced oracle reader to connect, to flow and to understand the deep and powerful messages that come from the Sea Symbols cards.

Sea Symbols cards are accurate and straight to the point, easy to understand, simple to connect with and great tools to utilise in manifestations and spell castings as they also serve as a practical guide for learning the symbology of the ancient spell casting form developed by witches on the coastal shores of Italy.

The Sea Symbols ~ Janarric Rune Spell Casting and Insight Deck includes 36 cards, 1 Box and 1 Booklet and come gifted in a Black Organza pouch with crystal and shell extra’s.

I also have a Sea Symbols Spell Casting and Oracle Reading Community that connects you with me and other like minded Sea Symbols souls to learn and share together in an amazing supportive and safe environment.

All artwork, meaning, keywords and insights by Gem~mer.


Why would these cards be great for you?

The beauty in my Sea Symbols deck is their simplicity! As beautiful, magickal, deep and powerful as they are, the simplicity in their structure and in their meanings remains true to what I channelled during the development process. To me, they are syWisdom Design For Print Jumbo Size copymbols that signify the simplicity of spell casting and manifesting magick and I believe this is what makes them an approachable aspect of ocean magick for EVERYONE, from beginners to those more evolved in manifesting their own magickal being.

Cards, meanings, keywords and insights are intuitive guidance and I encourage you to open your heart and soul and to trust in the insight and guidance that you receive – to go with the flow.

How Sea Symbols came to be:

As an Oceanic Enchantress, I work with many different aspects of ocean and sea magicks. I discovered and learnt about Janarric Runes sometime ago through a book called Mermaid Magick by Lucy Cavendish and Serene Conneeley and the Raven Grimassi book, Hereditary Witchcraft. I would often go to the beach and draw symbols in the sand, cast spells with symbols, weaving my own magick with these ancient symbols, my own intuitive magick.
I often found though, that I would have to draw the symbols I was wanting to work with on paper before I went to the beach as my memory does not serve Soul Design For Print Jumbo Size copyme as well as I would like. It was because of this, that one day, as I was asking the ocean goddess how I could increase my memory to easily recall all the Janarric Rune symbols, oceans spirit shared with me the suggestion of flash cards. I thought it were a BRILLIANT idea, a simple yet effective way to etch these images into my memory. So I diligently set out to design a simple black symbol on white background for me to use HOWEVER, as I began, ocean spirit had other idea’s and flooded my being with colours and imagery, words and meanings as I was being guided to create something more than flash cards….I was being guided to create something that I could share with everyone, to create something to help revive the ancient art of sea magick.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE! All images/artwork and website are under Copyright © 2013 by Gem~mer (Gem Green). All rights reserved. This website, including deck artwork and meanings, or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in reviews.

4 Responses to Home

  1. Kye Crow says:

    Well done Gem..absolutely beautiful cards,stunning page and magnificently presented xxx Kye

  2. Maddy Bailey says:

    Fantastic Gem! Good on you, this page is Amazing!!

  3. Claudia Chiovenda says:

    well done lovely xox

  4. Kim says:

    Beautiful website, just gorgeous energy ~ Oceans of merblessings to you gorgeous Gem xx

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